Artist 101: Jessika

This guide contains everything you need to know about Maltese singer Jessika Muscat.

When is her birthday?

27 February 1989

What is her most popular song?

“Who We Are”

What else should I know about Jessika?

Jessika Muscat is pretty well known in her home country of Malta as she has attempted to represent her own country at the Eurovision Song Contest a total of eight times, becoming a household name. She never won the shows and so never got the chance to grace the Eurovision stage. Previously, she tried for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in 2004 with “Precious Time” but she wasn’t chosen to represent Malta, and actually came 16th in the national selection show.

As for the Maltese national selection shows for Eurovision, she entered in 2009 with “Smoke-screen” but didn’t qualify for the final. In 2010, she entered with “Fake”, failing to make it through her Semi-Final. In 2011, her song was “Down Down Down” and she came 11th. In 2012, she entered with “Dance Romance” but failed to make it through to the final. She entered again in 2013, with “Ultraviolet”, where she came eighth in the final. Then, in 2014, she managed to get eighth again, with “Hypnotica”. 2015 saw her come ninth in the final, with her song “Fandango”. And, in 2016, she got her best result of seventh, with the song “The Flame”. She also sent off three songs for the 2017 national selection show, but none of them were chosen by the 11-person expert panel to go through to the 16 entrant final; her songs were “Edge Of Tomorrow”, “Immortal”, and “Let There Be Light”.

Not giving up, Jessika saw an opportunity to enter San Marino’s brand new national selection show called 1in360. She entered three times, she featured on IROL’s “Stuck Without Me”, and was the lead singer on two songs, “Who We Are (feat. Jenifer Brening)” and “Out Of The Twilight”. All contestants were sent to a songwriting camp and were encouraged to form teams, hence why some of the songs were performed by different people throughout the show. Jessika went on to win with “Who We Are (feat. Jenifer Brening)”. She will be representing San Marino, who haven’t had the best of luck in the contest to date, but can Jessika and Jenifer Brening turn it around for them?

What are her social media links?

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