Artist 101: JOWST

Who is JOWST?

Joakim With Steen aka JOWST is a Norwegian music producer and songwriter. The artist has released quite a few non-album singles and has also produced several remixes including the one for Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You. He will be representing Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 along with Aleksander Walmann. The producer is known for his “dynamic mask”. It seems like Alan Walker is not alone!

When is his birthday?

26 June 1989

What is JOWST’s most popular song?

JOWST has an interest in punk music. His first major artistic project was Making a Hit. For Eurovision, he collaborated with Aleksander to produce Grab The Moment. The song was produced with the help of feedback that he received from the closed Facebook group. After five months of hard work, it was completed and selected as an entry at the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. After winning the selection round, the single became the chosen track that will be performed at the semi-finals in Kiev.

The song has a straight message- Carpe Diem. It talks about the distractions one needs to put away in order to grab the moment and move on. If there is negativity around you, all you need to do is to kill it. With raspy vocals and upbeat music, this uplifting track will definitely make its place in people’s playlists.

What are his social media profiles?




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