ARTIST 101: Ryan O’Shaughnessy

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about Ireland’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

Who is Ryan O’Shaughnessy?

Ryan O’Shaughnessy is an Irish singer-songwriter and former actor from Skerries, Dublin. Before his upcoming Eurovision stint, he was best known for appearing as a contestant on the 2012 series of Britain’s Got Talent as well as the first series of The Voice of Ireland. Between the two appearances, he managed to score a record deal with Universal Records however due to unfortunate timing, this lead to disqualification from The Voice of Ireland.

However, back at Britain’s Got Talent, by the time the live semi-finals were due to air, O’Shaughnessy was released from his contract with Universal Records. He then went on to appear in the last semi-final, gained the most public votes from that semi-final and automatically went through to the live finals.

Within the final, O’Shaughnessy placed fifth after performing his original song, ‘No Name’, with 4.8% of the public vote. In May 2012, it was revealed that O’Shaughnessy scored another record deal, this time with Sony Music. ‘No Name’ was given an official single release on 5th August 2012 which then lead to the release of his self-titled debut mini album, consisting of six tracks all written by O’Shaughnessy himself.

You can listen to Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s self-titled debut mini-album below:

When is his birthday?

Ryan O’Shaughnessy was born on 27th September 1995.

What is his most popular song?

His 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entry, ‘Together‘, if not already, is set to be his most popular song to date.

What are Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s social media handles?




You can watch the official Eurovision interview of Ryan O’Shaughnessy below:

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