Artist 101: The 1975

Here it is! This is your go-to guide on The 1975! (We love to rhyme)

Group Members: Matthew (Matty) Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel (also John Waugh)

Each Group Members’ Role: 

Matty- rhythm guitar and lead vocals

Adam- lead guitar and keyboard

Ross- bass guitar and keyboard

George- drums

John- saxophone

History: The band members met in Wilmslow High School in Wilmslow, Cheshire. They have been writing songs and playing together since they were only 15 years old.

Group Member Birthdays: 

Matty- April 8th, 1989 (27)

Adam- June 20th, 1988 (28)

Ross- June 6th, 1989 (27)

George- March 26th, 1990 (26)

John- January 10th, 1988 (28)

Most Popular Song: While they are most known for their song “Chocolate” (2013), their newer song “The Sound” (2016) is quickly rising to the top.

Studio Albums: The 1975 (2013) and I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (2016)

Other Information You Need To Know:

The 1975 has always been a band that is not afraid to break stereotypes. They are a pop-punk band, however, they have showed the world they don’t like to stick to just one style of music. The Manchester-based band must be doing something right as both of their studio albums have topped the Billboard 200 charts and their sophomore album has even been nominated for the 2016 HYUNDAI Mercury Prize.

As presented in their music video for “The Sound”, The 1975 willingly speaks their mind and stands up against critics. Even after winning the NME award for worst band in 2014, The 1975 continues to ignore the haters and live out their career the way they want to. Lead singer Matty Healy is a proper standout when it comes to speaking his mind, which was proven when he was kicked out of private school, at age 14, due to his confrontational attitude.

Fun Fact: On June 1st of 2015, the band deleted all of their social media accounts. A comic strip was posted on Matty’s account a day prior (and it’s now on their managers’ account) which suggested the band’s breakup. This proved to be a publicity stunt as the accounts were reactivated the next day. However, instead of the traditional black and white themes, the accounts were covered in pink and white. This represented the beginning of a new era for the band.

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Social Media:

Main Accounts- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Website

Matty- Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

Adam- Twitter, Instagram

Ross- Instagram

George- Twitter, Instagram

John- Twitter, Instagram

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