Ashton Irwin’s 22 Best Instagram Posts

Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer is turning 22 this week, to celebrate, CelebMix is putting out listicles every day!

Ashton’s Instagram gives us a look of what it’s like to be him, with behind the scenes shots of an arena world tour, recording new music and more! What better way is there to kick off Irwin’s birthday week than to dig through time and find 22 of his best Instagram shots?

22. That time the queen invited 5sos to her concert

21. The best way to get people to buy your merch? Model it of course!

20. This shot accurately describes our lives

19. #Proud

18. Ashton sure looks different…

17. We are the kings and the queens of the NBS

16. Who doesn’t love a bit of Cashton?

15. No caption needed

14. We love his eyes in this one!

13. Although Ash makes a great athlete, we’re glad he went with music instead

12. The drumming angel

11. Ashton has always had the biggest heart

10. Example two!

9. 110%

8. Talk about a throwback!

7. She looks so perfect standing there in her Calvin Klein underwear


5. His appreciation for 5sos is like none other

4. Introducing Ashton Irwin who will be making his Fashion Week debut later this year

3. We can’t imagine how he must’ve felt at this moment

2. Little did he know how far he would come

1. High School Musical who say’s we have to let it go?

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Written by CelebMix