Ashton Irwin’s 22 Best ROWYSO/SLFL Moments

In the lead up to 5SOS’ loveable drummer Ashton Irwin’s birthday, we’ve been reminiscing about some of his best moments from the ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’ and ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ (so far) tours.

22. When he forgot his She’s Kinda Hot solo…

We’ve all been there Ashton!

21. When he sang Pizza at The Forum

20. Revealing his inner party side on nights out with Don Broco

Drummers definitely have more fun!

19. Calling Irish fans sardines, leaving everyone beyond confused

Wanna explain Ashton?

18. Bringing his little brother on stage at Sydney ROWYSO

17. When he got a haircut during ROWYSO and everyone lost it…

We’re just SO glad it’s grown a teenie bit for the SLFL tour, sorry Ashton but you really rocked the long hair look.

16. The ‘Here We Fucking Go’ ballad in Glasgow

This should not work as well as this does. Musical genius? We think so!

15. His heartfelt apology for the drumstick incident

Anyone else read this in Ashton’s voice? Maybe work on your aim next year….

14. His ‘Hey’ drum button

We also found out peer pressure from Luke and Michael makes Ashton cave in. Even during Calum’s solo in Amnesia, we shouldn’t have laughed but we did! (Sorry Calum!)

13. His attempt at teaching Calum the cup song

Now that’s a talent we’re envious of. Fancy teaching us Ashton?

12. When Ashton let a fan play his drums and got outdone…

When Ashton let Lewis play on his kit in Oberhausen it’s safe to say the fanbase lost their minds. Ashton also appeared to lose his too upon realising just how great this stranger from the crowd was… You’ll always be our number one, promise!

11. Ashton vs praying mantis

But who won? We’ll let you have this one Ashton just because it’s almost your birthday.

10. The End Up Here solo


9. When he got a brand new SLFL drumkit

Suddenly we found ourselves getting very very excited over sparkly drum kits.

8. His Rejects speech

Thanks for reminding us that it’s okay to be a reject Ashton, we all need to do this sometimes. But for now let’s wipe away the tears which have formed quickly.

7. His SLFL tour speech

Ashton might not do a lot of talking at shows but when he does it’s worth the wait. The heartfelt speeches thanking fans and also the guys never fail to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

6. The backstage dancing which made us a little jealous

From cup song to dancing is there anything this man can’t do?

5. The musical gem ‘I want a hotdog’

Imagine being the girl this was written about, you got a hotdog AND a song written about you. Not a bad night for that lucky girl!

4. Mashton moments 

There was plenty of these throughout the tours, but this might have been one of our favourites!

3. The final bows 

We loved when they provided additional Lashton moments like this one… You can tell how happy Ashton is when onstage with his friends playing to an adoring crowd.

2. Being able to watch his confidence grow from tour to tour

We love watching you play and grow in confidence, Ashton. Thank you for making our lives amazing too!

1. When he tweeted this, made the whole fanbase melt and reminded us why we love him so much!

From all of us at CelebMix, we’d like to wish Ashton the best 22nd birthday possible. Surrounded by his friends, family and everything else he loves. Thank you for all the amazing memories you’ve given us and will no doubt continue to give us in the future.

If you have any special moments from the tour, be sure to tweet us @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.