Ashy Bines Wants her Young Followers To Love Themselves

Ashy Bines Asks Young Women to Love Themselves on Social Media

“You may think you know these people but you really don’t,” begins fitness star Ashy Bines in an emotional letter penned to her impressionable followers.

Bines, the 28-year-old workout guru who found success on Instagram, said she was struck “emotionally” by the plight her young followers shared with her each day online.

“Since when is it a competition for who has it harder? Or has it easier? Who’s luckier? Skinnier? More wealthy? More tanned? Better this or that? I’m seriously over girls comparing their lives and bodies, diets, money, and relationships with those they see on social media,” she said in her open letter on Saturday.

“Firstly you think you may know these people you follow but I hate to burst your bubble, you really don’t, so stop assuming because they post cute pics or bright fun pics that their life is perfect and they are happy 24/7 with no stress or drama,” she followed up.

The guru has millions of followers on social media and paved the way for fellow fitness icons including Lauren Simpson and Kayla Itsines.

The svelte blonde went on to explain that young women should embrace themselves.

Ashy Pines Asks Young Followers to Love Themselves

“Be the best YOU. Helping others and living and loving YOUR life. Get back into being grateful for what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t have,” she urged.

Her followers, inspired by her message, responded with their own words of encouragement to each other.

“I love this message,” one said.

“Thank you @ashybines for being the role model we need, that I need…,” said another.

The young guru said she is not finished building her workout empire and is building on her already impressive Ashy Bines Fitness brand.

Written by CelebMix