Audrey MiKa Releases “Y U Gotta Be Like That”

Earlier this year, YouTube’s singer-songwriter Audrey MiKa released her second album Level Up consisting of 12 laid-back tracks, including her most popular songs “Blueberry Skies” and “Followin’.”

On Sunday, the 18 year old steered into a different direction with her latest release “Y U Gotta Be Like That” and came out with a more playful, upbeat track that tells the lighthearted truths of being uninterested in someone.

I just set the record, baby you are not the one (not the one

Tell the other girls I’m not an added in plus one (yeah)

Why did you spread all those rumors

Trying to match all conclusions

Don’t sell yourself off illusions, illusions, illusions (yeah, yeah)

I just think you’re crazy if you think I’m into you (woo, woo)

Maybe if you’re smart enough to think it might be true

Leading up to the release of this single, Audrey put out many visuals with old school R&B pop aesthetics that encapsulate the instrumentals of this track as well. We expect this latest single to set the tone for any upcoming projects that she has next!

We believe the dreamy lo-fi beats used in this track serves as a reflection of how the young artist presents herself to the world. Her sweet and soft style of falsetto is reminiscent of the artists that she takes much inspiration from such as Billie Eilish and Jhene Aiko. In fact, one of her very first videos to hit one million views on YouTube was her “Bury a Friend” cover by Billie Eilish.

“Y U Gotta Be Like That” pioneers a new sound for R&B pop music while also showcasing her unique, youthful, and captivating vocals. 

The Bay Area artist has been able to reach over 800,000 people across the world with her mesmerizing covers and original music on YouTube. This single has generated such a positive reaction from her fans, as they are already uploading their own covers of this track to social media!

“Y U Gotta Be Like That” has become our favorite track of the summer and we are so excited to hear what else is yet to come from Audrey MiKa!

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Written by Sydney Rae