AURORA: The Warrior Weirdo You Need On Your Playlist

Chances are you probably haven’t heard of AURORA, born Aurora Aksnes, a Norwegian songstress. She has recently been gaining more attention from music blogs and popular musicians alike (including Katy Perry!), growing her fan base of “Warriors and Weirdos.”

AURORA’s Start in Music

AURORA has always been around music. She taught herself to play the piano when she was a small child and began writing her own music around the age of 10. She cites Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan as influential musicians, continuing to draw inspiration from them today. She never saw herself as a professional musician, stating that:

 “Everything that’s happened until now has been very unexpected, and it was never really a dream, even, to be an artist when I was young. I never wanted to be on a stage, or in front of a camera, but it’s nice now, and I’m really happy that I can do this, because this is what I need to do, and want to do, and now I can do it every day. Everyday I think about that my life will always be different from today, and from today on. It’s a weird place to be in. It’s nice as well, but it’s strange.”

AURORA’s Album “All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend”

AURORA’s debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend” was released on March 11. Somewhere between Florence + The Machine and Of Monsters and Men, the album can only be described as hauntingly beautiful, full of melancholy melodies on songs such as “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)” to uplifting power jams on songs such as “Warrior” and her latest single, “Conqueror.” According to AURORA,  “‘Conqueror’ is about the world is kind of falling apart around you, and you’re looking for a conqueror to save you. But you’re looking for the conqueror in someone else, which I think is you should not do. You should find the conqueror in yourself first, and be your own hero. If you stand strong, then you will stand for a bit longer.”

You can find “All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend” on iTunes and Spotify, and you can learn more about AURORA on her website.


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Written by CelebMix