Bea Miller Releases 'Aurora'

Bea Miller Releases ‘Aurora’

Aurora is the final chapter to a year-long story which follows Bea Miller’s personal journey as she experiences the stages of a relationship ending. Now, you can experience the story too. Arriving just weeks after her 19th birthday, Aurora is NOW available wherever music is sold!

The album features all the songs on Chapter One: Blue, Chapter Two: Red, and Chapter Three: Yellow, plus five new tracks.

In Chapter One: Blue, the songs explain how Bea realizes her relationship is a delusion. In Chapter Two: Red, the songs express how Bea feels like she has to pick up the broken pieces of herself and move on. And in Chapter Three: Yellow, Bea reclaims her self-confidence.

Listening to this album, you can tell it represents the light at the end of the tunnel for Bea. It’s her new beginning. Aurora shows that in the end, things do get better. You just have to go through multiple emotions first.

According to Bea via Twitter, she called the album Aurora because it is “inspired by the goddess of the dawn. The story goes that she flies across the sky every morning, pulling the sun behind her, throwing flowers from her chariot. She is the bringer of daylight and represents a new beginning, which is what this album has become for me.”

What does Aurora represent to us? Women empowerment.

You can purchase Aurora on iTunes HERE.

1. “Song Like You”
2. “Burning Bridges”
3. “Motherlove”
4. “I Can’t Breathe”
5. “Like That”
6. “Buy Me Diamonds”
7. “Outside”
8. “Girlfriend”
9. “Bored”
10. “Warmer”
11. “Repercussions”
12. “S.L.U.T.”
13. “Crash & Burn” ft. O’neil Hudson
14. “To the Grave” ft. Mike Stud
Check out Bea’s newest music video below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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