Australian Duo Recreate Every Twenty One Pilots Video for New Cover

Australian pop rock duo Those Who Dream have recreated parts of every Twenty One Pilots official music videos for their cover of ‘Guns For Hands’. They’ve even included the iconic ‘Stressed Out’ handshake!

The duo set out on their task of recreating all 11 of Twenty One Pilots’ official music videos with zero budget, some background knowledge in film and extreme determination by their side. The process involved countless sleepless nights and a great amount of innovative thinking. After two months in the making, they’re finally able to share their creation.

Those Who Dream: Josh Meyer (left), Cooper Meyer (right).

“This whole idea was really fuelled by our love for the band,” tells vocalist Josh Meyer. “It’s kind of a homage to how much they’ve inspired us; being only two people and having achieved as much success as they have.”

“When deciding on covering ‘Guns For Hands’, we knew we had to do something different to the average cover video filmed with a laptop,” adds drummer Cooper. “We wanted something far more shocking, that makes people think – wow, two teenagers really made that? Telling Josh my idea for the video one morning, the air was filled with excitement and thrill. What we weren’t considering was the many nights spent editing till sun up, driving hours for locations, and purchasing an orange wig to cut up for ‘Car Radio’. But the immense feeling of pride and satisfaction when we filmed the final shot for the ‘Guns For Hands’ sequence made it all worth it.”

Check out Those Who Dream’s cover of ‘Guns For Hands’ below, which was produced in its entirety by the duo:

Impressed? We are!

If you want to find out more about Those Who Dream you can check out their YouTube channel here, which offers a variety of covers, including 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Catch Fire’ and Thirty Seconds To Mars’ ‘Kings & Queens’, as well as their own original songs. You can join their exclusive Dreamers Club for updates on everything Those Who Dream.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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