President Street

Australian Pop Duo President Street Returns With New Single ‘Tell Me Brother’

For its newest offering, Australian duo President Street challenges the concept of masculinity packaged in a heartfelt single ‘Tell Me Brother.’ Unlocking new funky stylistic grooves, Pete and Ruby make a stand with ‘Tell Me Brother,’ encouraging to start an open conversation about what it means to be ‘a man.’

Working towards releasing a mini-album, President Street hopes people will cancel the outside noise and tap into its hopeful, inward-looking lyricism. For a moment in time, it is crucial to sit down with your thoughts, and President Street aims to supply the soundtrack. Looking back to the previous release, ‘Heal,’ Pete and Rubby offer musical light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Tell Me Brother’ follows the duo’s efforts to spark conversations and challenge old stereotypes. President Street elaborate on what the track means to them: “We wanted to challenge the idea of what it means to ‘be a man’ and the concept of masculinity. We want to direct our message that – rather than being about violence and toxicity, TRUE masculinity is about being strong enough to lead through compassion and understanding and using strength to lift people up rather than hold them down.”

You can listen to ‘Tell Me Brother’ out now on all streaming platforms.

Written by Emma

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