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AV Super Sunshine Drops ‘Candyland Remixes, Vol. 1’

Just a minute ago, AV Super Sunshine dropped Candyland Remixes, Vol. 1, a collection of songs about AV’s escapades with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, the prescription anti-depressant Pristiq, and medical hypnosis.

The groundwork for Candyland came about while AV worked with pop/R&B producer Michael Bradford – who has worked with Madonna, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, and Anita Baker – at Ben Folds’ RCA Victor Studio A.

According to AV, “Once the music is all released, I envision creating a movie based on these songs and my life – about how I got sick, about me at the shrink doing hypnosis and dosing on the anti-depressant I call Candyland, and my journey out of this cycle through music and living my musical dreams as AV Super Sunshine.”

Three of the mixes, “Time Bomb,” “Apple,” and “Orange,” on Candyland hit the top spot on the Starfleet crossover and dance charts, with “Time Bomb” going on to chart #2 on Euro Indie Music’s Top 200, and #47 on DRT’s Global Pop Airplay.

The first track on Candyland is “Time Bomb,” a potent pop-dance-flavored version of the original tune. The groove pulses with tight energy and shimmering synths as radiant harmonies infuse the tune with swirling depth.

From a subjective viewpoint, the highlights on the album include “Are You Happy,” with its Euro-dance dynamics and flowing synths. The tune is reminiscent of The B-52’s “Love Shack,” full of ebullient colors and brisk momentum. “Orange” rides sparkling hues from the synths and a steady beat that’s contagiously irresistible. The rolling snare in this song provides crisp, edgy energy.

The club mix of “Time Bomb” features skintight muscular techno-house vibes, along with a pulsating driving impetus that rockets off on futuristic synths, as the vocals provide grand resonant timbres.

Three different mixes of “Alien Abduction” grace the album. My favorite is the Interview Mix because of its oozing, undulating flow topped with creamy-dreamy vocals and silky harmonies. There’s a sensual suppleness to this version that’s both alluring and bewitching.

Candyland is superb, full of heady dance push, stylish vocals, and throbbing dance beats. AV really holds it down on this album.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.