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Avey Tare has dropped his new single ‘Wake My Door’

Avey Tare- from the popular electronic group Animal Collective- has released his new single ‘Wake My Door’.

In a statement, he said: “Here’s a song I made a couple of weeks ago. I keep tinkering away at things in/out here. I want to get music out there and create some new energies around you maybe make you smile. Hope it’s at least like a little bit of sun shining on you wherever you are. Hope and sonic nourishment seem like a small thing to offer when there are people out there really stepping it up.

Check out the visual for ‘Wake My Door’ below:

The artist has been updating fans via Animal Collective’s Twitter page about new music he is releasing, which includes a live album that you can stream now over on his Bandcamp page. All proceeds from any ‘pay what you wish’ sales will go straight to the coronavirus benefit fund over at MusiCares.

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