Avril Lavigne Poses In Limited Edition Pins To Kill Leggings

Photos of Avril Lavigne wearing limited edition Pins to Kill leggings, designed by herself, have been released.

It was announced previously that Avril Lavigne had teamed up with Pins to Kill to release limited edition leggings. These leggings will be available on the Pins to Kill website for four weeks.


If that wasn’t tempting enough, the company are also giving away five signed pairs to random customers. Surely that’s enough incentive right?

Avril Lavigne also spoke with Pins to Kill about the collaboration.

What keeps you inspired?

Music inspires me. I know that is probably the expected answer but it’s true lol. It makes me feel better. When I get to create music it gives me a purpose to my life. I feel the same way when I get to design. It’s a creative outlet that I feed off of – as is painting and cooking – and I love it.

What do you love most about what you do?

I feed off of creating. I really get to be myself, I have access to an amazing outlet like designing clothes and I get to reach deep down and really truly be myself.

How did you come up with the inspiration for your leggings. Why skulls?

I wanted to make a rock and roll legging. Why skulls? Why not skulls?

How do you style your P2K limited edition leggings?

With a cute pair of runners and a baggie tshirt or hoodie.

Avril Lavigne Poses In Limited Edition Pins To Kill Leggings 1

These limited edition leggings are now available online. They are only available for four weeks, and with the chance to win one of five signed pairs, can you afford not to?

Will you be buying these? What would you pair them with? Tell us on Twitter @CelebMix.

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