Avril Lavigne Designs Leggings For Pins To Kill

A limited edition Pins To Kill leggings collection will be released within a week completely designed by Avril Lavigne.

The pop/rock global superstar, who has had hits with songs “Complicated”, “Sk8er Boi”, “Girlfriend”, and “What The Hell”, has always had her foot in fashion. Her unique looks shaped many trends in her early years. This later transcended into a clothing range.

The Abbey Dawn Collection has always been a big part of Avril Lavigne’s life. Her own designs come to life onto clothing that fans then wear. But, what makes her fashion line so important is that she wears her designs herself. They are a part of her everyday fashion. The designs even feature in some of her videos from “What The Hell” to “Smile”.

Pins To Kill tweeted about teaming up with Avril Lavigne:

This collaboration with Pins To Kill (also known as P2K), will undoubtedly be just as important to her. Her leggings collection will probably end up in her wardrobe, and will possibly become a part of her everyday fashion, just like her Abbey Dawn clothes.

Avril Lavigne said of the collection: “I love the Pins to Kill line and their enthusiasm for my vision!” She went on to say: “I am excited to partner with P2K and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Pins To Kill are based in Melbourne, Australia. They are a clothing website developing personal garments, but focusing mainly on leggings. They encourage customers to design their own custom leggings which they can go on to wear with confidence.

The limited edition leggings will be released on 1 November for four weeks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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