Ayla D'Lyla

Ayla D’Lyla Releases Evocative “Anywhere But Here”

New York City-based alt-pop artist Ayla D’Lyla introduces her brand-new single, “Anywhere But Here,” which follows on the heels of “Money,” a droll song about emotional unfulfillment in a relationship.

Born and raised in NYC, D’Lyla attended a performing arts school in Manhattan, where she was classically trained in opera.

“Anywhere But Here” opens on a gentle, wistful guitar topped by D’Lyla’s haunting voice. Emerging, glowing strings enter, followed by a measured rhythm as D’Lyla’s tones elevate, giving the lyrics profound passion on deliciously inflected timbres. At once dark and evocative, the song mirrors the inner aching sensation of insignificance.

“I don’t know what heaven looks like / But it sure as hell ain’t here / Pack my bags and be gone by the light / Won’t look till the coast is clear / Headed anywhere but here / Didn’t read this in my story / But every plot comes with a twist / The best chapters have no warning / Time to blow this place a kiss.”

“Anywhere But Here” stirs up the emotional and physical reaction to the numbing sensation of feeling trapped in a large city, surrounded by masses of people and towering buildings. Seeking refuge “anywhere but here,” D’Lyla elects to get out of Dodge while she can.

D’Lyla’s previous hits include “Prince in Blue,” “On Your Mind,” “Dreaming,” “Brittle,” “Life Could Be Sweet,” with more than two million streams on Spotify, “Burning Perception,” and “Money.” D’Lyla recently headlined at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

With features in elite outlets like PAPER and V Magazine, which called her “Gen Z’s answer to Fiona Apple in terms of sound, wit, and mild sense of boredom in whichever situation she finds herself,” D’Lyla has established herself as an artist to watch in indie-pop.

“Anywhere But Here” showcases not only Ayla D’Lyla’s luscious, crème de la crème voice but her evolution into a pop music tour de force.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.