Big Brother 17: Showbiz Simon Reports on Week 1

Greetings fellow Celeb Mixers its that time again for more Big Brother gossip!  

Firstly did you see my star cameo in Tuesday nights Bit on the Side with the gorgeous Rylan? Oh, we had great fun and keep watching this space because you never know when I may pop up again!

So darlings BB2016 where do I start? Well, what a rollercoaster its been! Fake evictions, walkouts, removals, scarecrows, porridge, bondage, passion and more drama than an episode of Casualty!  

Last night saw the live twist revealed and shock horror Chelsea got booted out of the house and into the house of pain to became one of The Others, only to find fluttering her eyelashes was ex-flame plain Jayne.

So darlings, it’s old news (yawn yawn) and we all know by now that there has been some history between these two love birds and it’s going to be fascinating to see which this will go next but remember Chelsea, youve got a Mrs. on the outside -oh and some bodyguards and a Bentley!

So the next big event this week for you diaries darlings is nominations. The thought of having to do these in the house still brings me out in a cold sweat and I know that none of the housemates will be looking forward to this. But sitting here in the luxury of my own home waiting for them to be announced its much less stressful, and here are my very own nominations:

Number one– Andy West. Now I do like Andy but lets face it, hes not one of the biggest characters in there. Hes not had the easiest of rides admittedly, particularly when he was voted most boring in yesterdays task Ouch!.  He then defended himself by telling us all in the diary room he had been in a lift with Lady Gaga. Great, Andy – but you need to loosen up a bit. Stop playing it too safe, too dull too serious Ditch the poker face!

Number Two-Ryan Oompa Loompa Ruckledge. Okay lets be honest he is annoying but then people said I was annoying (can you believe that!?). Ryan is funny but what else is there? Its like a cream cake without the cream. His teamwork and performance in the mission task were dreadful! No effort, no drive, no anything. Never mind Ryan you can always have another try at the X Factor next year!

Number Three Marco Pierre White Jr- Cool, cocky and confident. Parading around the house in leopard skin trousers like some 70s Mick Jagger, but has Marco burnt out too early? His attitude towards women as well as his antics with Laura(who I think if she keeps her clothes has time to redeem herself and win the public around) leaves me and presumably the rest of the nation with a sharp pain in our stomachs.

So will my predictions be right?  Lets find out on Fridays eviction show.

Until next time

Showbiz x


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Written by CelebMix