Big Brother’s Lotan Carter reveals his side of the story following his ejection

Former Big Brother housemate Lotan Carter has told his side of the story following his explosive removal from the house.

The Dreamboys star was removed from the house last weekend after an argument broke out – where he used unacceptable language and threw a glass across the room, hitting some of his housemates.

Now, since leaving the Elstree compound, Lotan has revealed the ‘truth’ about what happened and claims he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance just hours before being removed.

After the massive row had erupted, Lotan found himself vomiting up BLOOD: “I was petrified. I went from being mad because I was stressed and in so much pain, to crying because I was throwing up so much. Blood looks like a lot when it’s in a toilet anyway.

“But when it was coming out, it was coming out like vomit but it was just blood. I kept doing it, I must have been sick 150 times. I opened my mouth and blood would come out, it was terrifying.”

He continued to tell The Sun: “They took me straight to hospital in the ambulance. They checked all my bloods and told me I needed an endoscopy.

“I told them I didn’t want to be there anymore, I wanted to leave and get myself sorted but it started again – they told me they wanted me to stay.”

After bosses convinced Lotan to return to the Big Brother house, he was ejected for unacceptable behaviour just hours later – and Lotan is adamant that they convinced him to return so they could publicly give him the boot.

“That’s why I had no comment. It was so underhand,” Lotan complained. “They pestered me and pestered me to go back in, even though I was ill and I said multiple times I wanted to leave, but they wanted to publicly kick me out, rather than just let me go.”

Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

Written by Alex Doyle

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