Be Only You Releases Music Video for "Winning"

Be Only You Releases Music Video for “Winning”

Be Only You (B.O.Y) is a soul, rap, and R&B all-girl trio from Virginia consisting of Gianni, Miesha, and Summer. With music that truly moves people and their unique tomboy yet girly aesthetic, these three girls are a force to reckon with.

Aside the fact that all three of these girls can definitely sing, each member brings something special to the group. Gianni is known as Wildboy. She’s the determined and eager one who helps the group get to the top. With her happy and energetic spirit, you can’t help but smile while watching her perform. She knows just how to get the crowd going which makes for a great show!

Miesha is known as B.Boy. Along with her loving and sassy personality, she’s also the songwriter of the group. Being the songwriter, she knows exactly how to get people to relate to what she’s singing which makes for a great, powerful, and heartfelt show. Having people to listen to your music is one thing, but having someone relate to what your saying is something special in it’s own way. Summer is known as Billions or Rudeboy. She’s also a songwriter in the group and got into singing from performing at church. She knows exactly how to get people pumped up and engaged into the performance along with her powerhouse vocals. Fun fact is, she also knows how to play the drums!

In less than a week, the group wrote and recorded new records. If that doesn’t show how passionate they are when it comes to their music, we don’t know what will. With their latest single and music video for “Winning” off of their self-titled EP B.O.Y., you can feel the confidence flowing through the track. With lyrics like, “Get used to us because we won’t stop,” and “we can take over the world,” they’re sending a powerful message of strength and self love. They even tell their fans to “be only you,” hence the group’s name.

If you love artists like Mary J and TLC who bring positive and powerful messages, you may love Be Only You!

Check out their video for “Winning” below:

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Be Only You:

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