Bea Stewart
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Bea Stewart Releases Haunting Folk-Pop Single “Stitch It Up”

Folk-pop singer-songwriter Bea Stewart drops her new single/visualizer, “Stitch It Up,” a genuine song about listening to the voice inside her head via Kin Records.

Speaking about the significance of “Stitch It Up,” Stewart shares, “‘Stitch It Up’ may as well be an entry straight out of my journal. It’s a song I wrote to acknowledge the critical voice inside my head, particularly when it tells me that I don’t have anything valuable to say and that I should just stop talking or singing, or writing songs. I found that once I had addressed that voice and acknowledged what it was, it was a lot easier to let go of the things it was telling me. I didn’t really plan for anyone to hear it as I was writing it but after I had finished it felt like something I should share.”

Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, in 2022, Stewart released “Screaming AT Traffic” and “Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written,” collecting more than 500,000 streams on Spotify, and landing on elite editorial playlists, along with support from Gemma Bradley on BBC Introducing.

Signed to Kin Records, Stewart has been working with producer Eliot James on her upcoming debut EP. Describing the experience, Stewart says, “Recording the EP with Eliot has been such a lovely experience. He really understood where I wanted these songs to go sonically, and both the process and the outcome felt very organic to me.”

“Stitch It Up” rolls out on a soft guitar riding a gentle piano, followed by a deep, round bassline and warm strings. Stewart’s bewitching voice, at once nuanced and drenched in intense, honest passion, imbues the lyrics with intimate savors.

“Can someone call the referee / Cause there’s a voice in here that screams at me / That I can never be enough / And I should shut my mouth and stitch it up.”

Gorgeously wrought, “Stitch It Up” reveals secret thoughts and susceptibility, conveyed on the beguiling voice of Bea Stewart.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.