Raindear Releases Bewitching “Love Is a Border”

Dark synth-pop artist and producer Raindear drops her single, “Love Is a Border,” a track lifted from her upcoming album, Majestically Mad, slated to drop in March.

Mirroring the idea of the title, Majestically Mad includes her 2022 singles, “Howl” and “Rush,” as well as “All The Miles,” co-written by Grammy-nominated keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand.

Speaking to “Love Is a Border,” Raindear shares, “In this song, I put myself in the shoes of someone who is choosing to sacrifice their dreams in order to prioritize their mental health and self-love. Realizing that previous aspirations are causing more pain than joy, she is ready to adjust her priorities, even if it means sacrificing her ‘dream.’ Personally, I have no plans of giving up on my dreams because music is still very fulfilling, but putting myself in that mindset, I got the idea out of my system and then I kept hustling, it was therapeutic for sure.”

Originally from Sweden, Raindear, aka Rebecca Bergcrantz, grew up immersed in music as both her parents are musicians. In 2019, she dropped her album, Skies to My Name, featuring “Diamonds in My Chest” and “Sky,” with both songs appearing on Spotify’s NMF playlists in Germany, Japan, Finland, and the U.S.

“Love Is a Border” rolls out on dark, vibrating textures, followed by the entry of a potent, syncopated rhythm, infusing the tune with a seductive beat. Shaded by elegiac colors, the harmonics reflect a spectral aura, impregnating the melody with the residual energy of ozone-like mists. As the outro approaches, the tune shifts effortlessly, attaching hints of techno-house flavors.

Raindear’s voice, at once dreamy and echoing with intimate power, imbues the lyrics with silky, translucent timbres suggesting wistful regret, narrating the feeling of personal surrender.

Highlighted by the evocative, crème de la crème voice of Raindear, “Love Is a Border” smolders with smoky, aching opulence.

Raindear will perform at Pianos in New York City, on Tuesday, February 21.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.