The Beauty and the Beast trailer is here

Our first look at the Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast has arrived, and we’re so excited!

The sneak peak of the classic story was shared earlier today by the movie’s official social media account and the star of the show, Emma Watson, who will play Belle.

The trailer shows the stunning castle, throughout time starting in its prime with beautiful crystal chandeliers and a grand piano, to it becoming more neglected, with cobwebs lining the bannister and leaves gathering in the corners.

The only face we see during the whole minute and a half, is the beautiful Emma Watson’s, not that we are complaining. No other characters have been revealed in the Beauty and the Beast trailer, which only adds to our excitement and leaves us in even more suspense than we were before.

The music plays tribute to the original animation, and fills us with nostalgia from watching Beauty and the Beast as a child. The piano and string music fill the trailer with the Disney magic we know and love, and at the end we hear a little glimpse of the song “Beauty and the Beast”.

The live action version of the film has been directed by Bill Condon, the man behind Twilight – Breaking Dawn, and Dreamgirls, so we can expect some big things from the re-telling of a childhood favourite.

The trailer finishes with a red rose, a symbol for the 1991 animation, and the words: “Be Our Guest”, another classic song from the original film, which will hopefully make an appearance on 17 March 2017 when Beauty and the Beast will grace the big screen.

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Written by CelebMix