EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Beauty In The Breakdown “Firebird” Music Video

We’ve been waiting for this day for an entire month since Beauty In The Breakdown dropped their song “Firebird”. It premiered on B-Sides & Badlands. Here at CelebMix, we’re more than proud to be premiering the music video to this song, exclusively to our readers.

It was directed by Mark Larranga; and features the five-piece group on the rooftop of a skyscraper. The song has been available to stream and download on all major services; and, was released independently.

The band’s frontwoman is Chastity Ashley; she has built her career as a percussionist; one that some of the greats have gone to, such as Duran Duran, Alice In Chains, and Ben Harper. Honing her talents into fronting this electro-pop band, Beauty In The Breakdown; it’s clear that she’s determined to bring this unique sound all around the world. The song was written by herself and Ian Alexander.

Watch Beauty In The Breakdown’s Music Video To “Firebird” Here:

The pure performance piece visual really showcases Beauty In The Breakdown as an artist; the five-piece consists of Chastity Ashley, Ian Alexander, Alexandria Reyes, Tim “Sonix” Rouse, and Demetrius “Swaggy D” Williams. The full spotlight is on every member of the band, with Chastity Ashley taking the lead.

The setting is beyond beautiful with the cityscape of Downtown Los Angeles looking formidable in the background. The video was filmed at 4am so as not to disrupt the bustling city during the day. Beauty In The Breakdown have great chemistry and they all clearly love this track. They remind us of Clean Bandit, only with a more electronic sound and a main vocalist.

The group previously released a debut EP titled “NEON” in 2015 which received critical acclaim. Now they’re back, once again, with “Firebird” and we cannot stop listening and watching this awesome music video. If you haven’t streamed the track yet, we highly suggest you do so below.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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