Becoming the Dominant Most in the African Tobacco Industry is Moulay Omar Zahraoui

His cigar brand Habanos S.A is spreading its wing across all the parts of the world, becoming a redefining cigar brand in the industry.

As we move towards more digitalization in the world, where the world is becoming smaller on one hand and is coming closer than ever, on the other hand, it is imperative to notice the growth certain business industries have seen over the past few years, especially by young talented minds that have contributed their bit into their respective fields and have emerged as winners in their own right. One amongst these industries is the tobacco industry which has also taken the help of digital mediums to increase their prominence in the world. Many cigar companies and factories have taken advantage of this revolutionary change. One young entrepreneur is Moulay Omar Zahraoui, who has relied mostly on the quality of his cigars to do the talking, but also knows how to effectively use all mediums to let people know the expertise his cigar factory works with, which is the pioneer factory in Africa and even the biggest in the league.

People today have become more aware of what they consume, and hence there has also been a shift from cigarettes to cigars that offer individuals a sophisticated experience, giving them an unparalleled and rich experience of their lives. Moulay has always worked on this idea of providing the best and the most premium quality of cigars to people.

Habanos S.A by Moulay is redefining the tobacco industry of Africa and now also the world with its increasing expansion in other parts of the world like US, UK and India. In a very short span of time, it has become everyone’s favourite. It has also made a record for itself by owning $50 million tobacco stock, all thanks to the passion and courage of Moulay to make his cigar brand taste success like no other brand in the world. At only 29 years of age, Moulay serves as the CEO and co-founder of Habanos S.A, which in itself proves the high-performing cigar entrepreneur he is today.

To create a cigar brand and making efforts to take it on the global map requires 100% commitment and utmost conviction, which Moulay exudes beautifully as a young business tycoon. With Habanos S.A, which he originated in 2011, he has always put emphasis on offering his customers an elite feeling through developing urbane and premium quality, customized and handcrafted Moroccan cigars.

His cigars are made out of purified tobacco flavours soaked with 100% natural ingredients, which is yet another reason for Moulay’s cigar brand, gaining worldwide recognition.

Moulay was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1991. He did his schooling from Rabat American School and completed his studies from the University of Sunderland. Since entrepreneurship is all he ever wanted and desired, after growing up and after the tobacco industry got liberalized, Moulay got the license for the manufacture and distribution of tobacco. His consistent hard work and self-belief got him where he is today.

His lifestyle also always garners a lot of attention on social media and otherwise, where he flaunts his high-end cars including Mercedes Benz, Maserati and Ferrari. Horseback riding is what he loves spending his time on and makes sure he enjoys his life on his own terms like a entrepreneur . There is no doubt that Moulay has become the dominant most as the wealthiest cigar entrepreneur of Africa.

Written by CelebMix