Bee Bakare
Bee Bakare

Bee Bakare Delivers a Summer Jam with “10000”

Nigerian-born British singer-songwriter Bee Bakare delivers a feel-good jam with “10000.”

Bee Bakare
Bee Bakare

Having recently won the Future Music Songwriting Award and appearing as a judge on the BBC One primetime TV show ‘All Together Now’ alongside Spice Girl, Geri Horner, Bee Bakare’s newest single showcases her musical prowess. 

A danceable, catchy song about love, this stripped-back song feels like summer. With a catchy chorus that makes this an easy song to sing along to, “10000” feels like the kind of song you drive down to the beach listening to.

When asked about the song, Bee Bakare stated,

It’s hard watching other people looking happy and in love and wondering why that hasn’t happened yet for you. … The song is about what I imagine true love is like. When I’m with that person who loves me completely and will somehow make up for all the past hurts.

And the visuals that accompany the song are stunning, we’re definitely here for the soft, sweet and beautiful aesthetic.

This feels like the kind of song you discover on a getting-party-ready playlist or a sing-this-in-the-shower playlist. This feels like the kind of song you accidentally stumble upon and immediately replay because it gets stuck in your head.

Bee Bakare
Bee Bakare

We’re seriously obsessed with this song and cannot wait to see what else Bee Bakara brings to the table. Make sure you follow her social media pages for more updates from her directly: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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