Bellsavvy releases fiery self-empowerment anthem, “In My Zone”

Bellsavvy is a pop star out of London who seems to know exactly how to combine her latin roots and European influences with ease to create a unique sound unlike that showcases her sultry, lyrical prowess mixed with soothing beats.

Earlier this year, Bellsavvy released her debut single “Queen of My Mind” which saw her speaking about her experiences in the modelling industry and how she was shamed for her body weight. These dark and negative thoughts resulted in a loss of self-confidence and self-love leading to a mental breakdown. The track shined a light on the artist overcoming these inner-battles, resulting in a self-empowering anthem.

Now, with this new song, Ballsavvy is inviting listeners to find their own light and join her “in her zone” per se, where united she wants you to feel the power of owning who we are.

“In My Zone” is an upbeat, energizing and self-assured song about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your self-worth. Bellsavvy adds, “In my zone is about the moment I knew I was the Queen of my mind and I wanted to celebrate the feeling of breaking away from that chapter in my life.”

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