Bellsavvy unveils her sassy new visuals for “Queen of my Mind”

The Brazilian born, London based singer Bellsavvy, is using her experiences and traumas to send some positivity into the world. Her debut single “Queen of my Mind” is an uplifting, feel-good anthem of empowerment about feeling confident in your own skin and owning who you are.

This is an important message to remember, especially in a world where social media constantly tells you who you should be and what you should be doing. The fiery artist hopes that she can bring some reassurance to those in need and that they are perfect just the way they are. Her vibrant song screams to not let anyone knock you down, to show the haters that you won’t change for anyone and that you are truly the queen of your own mind. 

The brand new visual emphasises this whole ethos, with Bellsavvy dressed in magnificent outfits adorned in jewels, wearing what she wants and feeling good in it. Her bejewelled dancers again show that it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, you can look and feel fabulous if you believe it.

“Queen of my Mind” was written after the Brazilian artist was shamed for her weight by the modelling industry. Following a successful career as a model, as soon as her body began to change, the agents didn’t want anything to do with her. Devastated by the rejection and negative opinions, Bellsavvy suffered a mental breakdown. However, she was determined to not let others rule her life and she turned things around. Now she is back, fiercer than ever before and adamant to not let others feel the way she did. 

The confident song bursts with colorful melodies, shimmering synths and soaring vocals à la Dua Lipa. Her latin roots radiate through, bringing a healthy dose of boldness and tenacity. We can’t get enough of this passionate singer and we’re hoping for more new music soon! 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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