Big Brother 17: Showbiz Simon Reports on Week 3

Happy Friday fellow Mixers and here we are again for my Big Brother catch up!

Well, what a week it’s been! What with The EU Referendum, England losing in the football, the start of Wimbledon and the dramatic departure Queen Natalie from the BB house…How much more can Auntie Showbiz handle!?

But darlings I will miss our Nat she was big, bold, brash, in your face and simply great TV. I don’t know why, but I do think (and hope) that there is a chance we haven’t seen the last of her.

So with our Nat gone, the dynamic of the House has changed somewhat, and in the words of Wet, Wet, Wet (quite fitting for this week’s weather) –Love is all around. Yes, romances and showmances have been centre-stage, being led by Jackson and his gal Georgina.

We saw the saucy couple in Monday’s show getting very hot and bothered under the covers. Yes, it’s finally happened, darlings and after the will they/won’t they scenario, both popped their national TV cherries. Yes, it’s great for ratings and I’m sure Channel Five will be thrilled with their bedtime antics, although I can’t help wondering how Georgie’s loved ones will be feeling watching the show! But remember darlings that this one is real love, and I am talking about it being time for Auntie Showbiz to get his wedding hat out because on Monday night’s show Jackson announced he would marry her in a flash! Let’s hope Georgina doesn’t ask Evelyn to be the bridesmaid though and create the Jackson 3. Oh the drama, can you imagine? Will this one turn out to be Showmance or Showdown? You decide!

Ryan and Hughie in the other corner of the bedroom have been getting in on the action too, and allowing themselves to get carried away in the heat of the moment. Now Showbiz is never one to blush normally, but Ryan referred to it as a sticky situation. Moving swiftly on, please! What would your Granny say!?

Meanwhile in the house, just like Charlie’s makeup the cracks are starting to show. Yes, I’m talking about seeing more true colours shining through than Cyndi Lauper. It’s always the case as BB gets into full swing that the masks tend to start slipping, and we’ll start to see a bit more of the real housemates. Is Jason the man I thought he was? Is he playing a clever game? Well I’m sure he’d like to think so, but presumably not as clever as he thinks, seeing as his fellow housemates announced they thought he was the biggest game player in there. Is all the cooking, cleaning and the father figure thing all an act? Are Charlie And Jason a real couple? Is Charlie a man in drag? Well, Showbiz wouldn’t like to say anything, but expect a twist here darlings with these two.

We’ve also seen ex-journo Andy stand up to just about everybody, in particular, Jackson (who went all protective over his Gal Georgina) as well as Queen Lateysha in an almighty row over alleged backstabbing. Chelsea had the birthday from hell and talking of hell Jayne it’s time for you  to go  darling! What is she doing in the house prancing around in heels and school teacher glasses? Watching that’s enough to put anyone off their evening cup of tea!

And it’s that time of the week where the nominations are in now, with Georgina, Evelyn, Jayne and Andy facing the chop. Who do you want to see leave, darlings?

My predictions are that it’s going to be Jayne or Andy as I think for both that they have come to the end of the line the battery life has nearly run out and it’s time for one of these to go.

I think she’ll escape getting kicked out this week, but Georgina will need to cut out the bunny boiler acting to stand a chance of going much further in the show. I mean come on, we’ve seen enough of that from Charlie and Jayne!

Who knows how it will play out, but I’m sure you’ll be glued to the show like me.

Until next time…

Showbiz x

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Written by CelebMix