Evelyn Ellis.

Big Brother 2016: Meet the housemates!

Big Brother 2016 has now officially launched with a brand new set and a brand new bunch of housemates, and we’re very excited!

This years housemates won’t be in the Big Brother house for a holiday as ‘The Others’ will ensure that they’re experience will be a very turbulent one…

Marco, Laura & Lateysha!

Big Brother 2016: Meet the housemates! 1

Emma and Victoria, Andy & Alex!

Big Brother 2016: Meet the housemates! 2

Evelyn, Sam & Georgina!

Big Brother 2016: Meet the housemates! 3

Jason, Jackson & Chelsea!

Big Brother 2016: Meet the housemates! 4

Also tonight, Big Brother came down hard on the housemates and the first twist of the series got underway that had devastating effects for 2 housemates.

The Others played a massive part of tonight’s twist with the 6 of them deciding which podium to target. Whoever was behind the podium they targeted was made stand in the middle of the garden and face their housemates.

The Others chose to target the podium labelled ‘sexy’ meaning that Laura who was behind it had to face her housemates.

Big Brother revealed to Laura that her podium had been targeted and as a result she would be the first housemate nominated to face the public vote.

But, that wasn’t all; Laura was then asked by Big Brother to pick another housemate to join her in facing the first eviction.

Laura decided to choose Lateysha because she hadn’t talked to her as much as she did with other housemates in the space of time she had arrived in the house.

Big Brother continues tomorrow night from 10pm on Channel 5 where we’ll see all tonight’s fallout.

Written by CelebMix