Big Brother housemate Chelsea first victim of Annihilation week twist

Annihilation week is here and the housemates are already on edge as Big Brother has told them all that NOBODY is safe this week, and Chelsea learnt that on Monday night.

Housemates were ordered into Big Brother’s deliberation room where they were told that one of them would not be a housemate for much longer.

Big Brother each gave the housemates and chance to make a plea as to why they deserve to stay in the House and afterwards pick a housemate who they wanted to be evicted and the reason(s) why.

After a tense time sitting around the table telling each other who they wanted to be evicted, the housemates then reached a decision to evict Chelsea from the House.

Chelsea was given 30 minutes instead of the usual 30 seconds during live shows to say his goodbyes and to back up his belongings and leave the Big Brother House.

Annihilation week is continuing in the House, however, it’s not yet clear if another housemate was evicted from the House last night (July 11th).

Big Brother continues tonight from 10pm on Channel 5.

Written by CelebMix