Big Brother’s Andrew Tate REMOVED, but is this the reason why?

Last night we reported that Big Brother 2016 contestant Andrew Tate was removed from the Big Brother house after Channel 5 learned of new information regarding Andrew.

In a statement released by Channel 5 late last night, it said that claims of Andrew being removed for previous tweets and his antics in the house were completely FALSE.

Speculation has been rife about why exactly Andrew was removed from the house and it’s now been speculated that footage The Sun newspaper obtained of Andrew is the reason behind his removal.

Since Dan Wootton revealed The Sun newspaper has obtained shocking footage from Andrew’s past, Andrew himself has taken to Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Andrew has revealed that the newspaper have footage of him HITTING a girl with a belt and that it was a joke between him and the woman involved.

Big Brother's Andrew Tate REMOVED, but is this the reason why? 1

He continues by saying the publication have edited the original video and have removed all laughing and joking.

Andrew also says: “I am not a violent man. Kinky yes violent no. Such a stupid story! I didn’t even hit marco or Jackson or Chelsea when they threatened me.

“I have never hurt a girl in my life and this is a total lie trying to make me look bad. And Laura put a belt on Marco and didn’t get kicked.”

Andrew is still claiming that Big Brother bosses and Channel 5 though removed him from the house because of his new plan to wreak havoc on the house as part of his secret mission.

Written by CelebMix