BIIANCO Gets Ferocious on “Teeth Bared”

Electronic chill-wave multi-instrumentalist and producer BIIANCO, aka Gabby Bianco, releases a brand-new single, “Teeth Bared,” a track about the aftermath of escaping a toxic relationship.

BIIANCO shares, “As I started healing, I went through stages of grief that I can only describe as rolling emotional waves.  This song was born at the start of my rage phase. I felt like a wolf with its teeth bared…”

Just because she’s a nuclear-powered one-womxn performer and at the vanguard of the electro-queer sound doesn’t mean BIIANCO is immune to emotional turmoil. “Teeth Bared” narrates her full-tilt get-away from the pernicious, cruel relationship she was in while locked down by the 2020 pandemic. Although cautioned by others about the liaison, like most of us, she didn’t listen because people learn through doing.

The lyrics narrate the tale with venomous eloquence:

“You ain’t touching anything I love / You ain’t touching anything I was / I met the devil and I found him in your touch / A cold-hearted coward out of luck / If you need me, you can find me in your yard / Digging up the lovers that you buried before / You ain’t touching anything I love / Oh, that karma she’s so cruel / And she’s got her eye on you / Oh, how the largest fall the hardest / You better run / Cuz we’re coming with our teeth bared.”

“Teeth Bared” opens on a heavy, thrumming rhythm as glossy sonic accents swirl lightly overhead. The rhythmic pulse gives the tune dark, portentous coloration, alluding to a reckless, impulsive ferocity. BIIANCO’s deliciously femme fatale tones imbue the lyrics with unpromising, inevitable events to come. This is a determined, independent, powerful womxn on a mission.

A distant jazz-flavored trumpet gives the tune tension-filled savors, emphasizing the palpable textures of BIIANCO’s deluxe, evocative voice.

With “Teeth Bared,” BIIANCO delivers a spine-chilling song, chock-full of low-slung, potent layers of energy and searing lyricism.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.