Binge Book Tour!

Youtuber, Tyler Oakley, is releasing his book ‘Binge’ next month, and when there’s a book… there’s a book tour!

As you may know, Tyler Oakley is releasing his book ‘Binge’ very soon and we’re so excited!

He recently announced that he will be  making his way to the UK for a number of book signings.

Oakley is coming to Liverpool, Manchester, Central Leeds, Gateshead, North Kent, Cardiff, Birmingham and London to meet all his eager viewers.

Unfortunately, all dates are sold out, apart from Gateshead, North Kent and Birmingham. No surprise there! Tyler Oakley is loved by so many here, in the UK.

He’s also doing signings in the USA which you can see here. (Most are already also sold out!)

We are so excited to read “Binge” and more importantly attend his book tour!

If you’re unable to go to any signings but still want his book, you can preorder a physical copy here. If you prefer it, the audiobook (which Tyler has also recorded himself!) is available here!

We’re so proud of Tyler and of everything he’s achieved! He’s amazing at what he does and I’m sure you’d all agree.

Written by CelebMix