Blackout Balter share lively visual for 'Surf'

Blackout Balter release lively visual for new single ‘Surf’

Nashville’s Blackout Balter have shared a ’60s surf dance-inspired visual for their new single ‘Surf’.

The track is the latest to be released from their upcoming debut album ‘Animal’ and is drenched in powerhouse guitars, biting synths, and razor-sharp vocals.

The group’s frontman Phil Cohen commented on the music video, saying: “We knew we wanted this to be a fun one. And we knew we wanted it to have a bit of that 60’s surf aesthetic in there. Originally, we were going for this hitchhiker storyline: An old truck rolls down the road and picks people up along the way, but it basically just broke out into a big party. The producer, John Mofield, did a great job capturing our energy.”

Check out the visual for ‘Surf’ below:

‘Animal’- produced by Grammy-winner Jeremy Ferguson (Cage The Elephant)- is scheduled for release later in the year.

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