Blair St. Clair Drops Music Video To New Single “Easy Love”

After releasing the official single, last Friday, Blair St. Clair has dropped the accompanying music video for “Easy Love”. The song showcases a new direction for this awesome drag queen as she moves away from the high-energy dance numbers that she released last year, hitting more of a ballad style with a slight country twist with this one. This is officially her first release of 2019, and it follows up her previous single “Irresistible“.

Blair St. Clair is a drag queen who is best known for coming ninth on the 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since leaving, she’s been focusing on her music career, bringing out high-quality music videos and incredible tracks. Her debut album, “Call My Life” received critical acclaim and peaked at number one on the US Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Last year she dropped “Irresistible“, which also was received positively. Blair St. Clair – whose real name is Andrew Bryson – is fully establishing herself as an artist in the music industry, one who is on top form.

This new single, “Easy Love”, is certainly a lot more stripped back than her previous numbers, yet manages to showcase her versatility and her vocal ability. According to Spotify, the song has been written by B. Ocean, Brandon Stansell, Doma Schrank, K Gold, Kyle Brady, Liliana Wilde, Maggie Szabo, and P. Boumat, whilst Domo X handled the production. The description of the music video credits Brad Hammer as the director, with Shawn Adeli acting as the director of photography, as well as Ryan Aceto, David Charpentier, and Jacob Slane as the executive producers, and Max Blum as the editor. As for Blair St. Clair’s love interest, he is played by Ródiney Santiago.

Watch Blair St. Clair’s Music Video For “Easy Love” Here:

The song itself is a simple, relaxed ballad that is quite repetitive to the extent where it becomes catchy after listening quite a few times. It’s definitely a grower of a song and it’s pretty far removed from her previous releases. Blair St. Clair’s vocal is clear and crisp with a relatable vibe, it’s clear she connected with the song and is prepared to show her vulnerability when it comes to her music; showing us a side of her we would rarely get to see. We all want a bit of easy love from time to time.

Just a few days ago, the music video to this love ballad was dropped, with Blair St. Clair going all out and baring skin. There’s a slight narrative running through the main performance segment; we see Blair St. Clair snuggling up to her on-screen love interest, who is played by Ródiney Santiago, as well as various other scenes such as her getting out of the shower and helping him shave, to just simply spending time together, happily. Most of the performance scenes are set on a beach where waves crash around her, or she walks in the surf, or she lies on the sand, or poses next to a rock. She shows off her look and how free she feels.

“Easy Love” is available to download and stream right now, via PEG Records. We hope this release means that a second studio album is on its way.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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