Promotional photo for "Fever Pitch" featuring Conor James that sees BOY2K posing back-to-back, one of the members is wearing a silver visor mask that has two point teeth like a sabretooth tiger, he also has a spiky mohawk. The other member has slicked back black hair, a moustache, and is wearing a black mesh ripped one piece.
Photo credit: Pedro Lollett

BOY2K drops incredible electro-pop single “Fever Pitch” featuring Conor James

Delivering a dancefloor-ready electro-pop track is BOY2K with their addicting new single titled “Fever Pitch” which features Conor James. It’s a feel-good track that helps to kickstart the summer just right. This is the follow-up to BOY2K’s VIP version of their track “Close Friends” and Conor James’ latest single “POV”.

BOY2K, the visionary collaboration between Boy Untitled and Boy Apocalypse, pushes the boundaries of dance music with their innovative and inclusive approach. Formed after a chance encounter at a concert in 2019, the duo embarked on a musical journey that defies conventions and embraces radical queerness. Merging elements of house, techno, nu-disco, and pop, BOY2K creates a genre-blurring sound that compels both body and mind. Their music, often described as “resistance music”, tackles diverse themes such as technology, social media, and sexuality. With Boy Untitled recognized as an emerging talent by notable publications like Billboard, Earmilk, and OUT! Magazine, and Boy Apocalypse lending his captivating vocals to tracks by renowned dance acts, including Adventure Club and BLEM, the duo brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to their electrifying sound. As they prepare for their highly anticipated debut EP, BOY2K also embraces the Web3 space, collaborating with various platforms to pioneer groundbreaking projects in the realm of NFT music. BOY2K is a force to be reckoned with, forging a path of artistic exploration and pushing the boundaries of dance music.

Conor James, an accomplished recording artist, writer, and composer based in Los Angeles, weaves a tapestry of romantic and thought-provoking indie-pop that resonates with the soul. Hailing from the South Shore of Massachusetts, Conor James’ journey into the world of music began with a passion for musical theatre, which led him to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Immersed in the rich heritage of the Great American Songbook, Conor James honed his craft and delved into jazz standards performed by iconic artists like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Now captivating audiences in both New York City and L.A., Conor James embraces his unique sound, headlining shows, collaborating with talented musicians, and nurturing his personal project. With a deep commitment to celebrating individuality, challenging societal norms, and capturing the spirit of our time, Conor James is an artist whose music touches hearts and sparks introspection.

Written by Conor James, Grant Genske, and Mark Cramer, “Fever Pitch” is the addicting summer night-club anthem that you’ve been waiting for. The infectious rhythms with prominent piano chords and unstoppable drum beats wrap brilliantly around Conor James’ stunning vocals. From the get-go, this song doesn’t mess around, giving a progressive beat with passion and heart from the male vocal, “Fever Pitch” will certainly make you a little hot under the collar as the fever spreads – the melodic fever of the music. BOY2K impresses by taking ’80s-influenced sounds and fusing them with modern house elements allowing for a throwback feel that we all missed out on as we weren’t born yet, taking us back whilst keeping us extremely present with the awesome basslines and contemporary dance vibes. This entire track is a fever trip which spins up even more when the incredible techno-drop hits that switch up the rhythm and bring the summer rays to the nightclubs. Conor James’ heartfelt vocals add emotion to the track whilst apparently losing his mind to this love interest that has captivated him. The track allows him to shine in every way and he brings unforgettable vocal runs that hit us right inside.

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“Fever Pitch”, by BOY2K featuring Conor James, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for BOY2K’s forthcoming debut EP.

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