Boybander George Shelley reveals something that is none of our business!

This morning George Shelley posted a video to his YouTube channel addressing rumours about his sexuality. A topic that frankly is none of our business.

In the brave and open video, Shelley talks about his personal journey both during and after the jungle. George commented “I don’t feel I should hide anything, I’ve been reading all these labels which is old fashioned, and I feel this is something I can’t label” and continues to say ‘I’ve had girlfriends and I’ve had boyfriends, I want you to know that if I’m with a girl or a guy next, it’s because I love them, and it shouldn’t be a big deal’’. You’re right George, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but sadly in 2016 it is.

While the move to post this revealing and personal video was amazing it’s such a shame that in this day and age we still feel the need to label and hound people. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t feel the need to not only keep asking people what genitals they like but having to have people confirm this. The attitude of certain press outlets over the years as made ‘closeting’ and ‘bearding’ a very real thing and it’s ironic to see these same press outlets now taking the high road to speak out against this practice.

George Shelley also comments in the video ‘I don’t want to be scared anymore, I don’t want to feel like I can’t be myself because of what people might think about me or the labels’’. This is all we wish for you to George, and we hope to see people’s attitudes change to the point where people can just be who they are without fear. We’ve come a long long way, but we still have a long way to go.

Proud of you George, and we’re here if you need a chat over a beer! (Shameless!)


Written by CelebMix