Boyce Avenue release Road Less Traveled

This multi-million selling US Youtube stars have already released their third studio album “Road Less Traveled” two days ago (April 15th). The said abum was recorded with the Espionage production team who have previously worked with Beyonce and Train, and mixed by Mark Endert (Maroon 5/Gavin DeGraw).

Boyce Avenue, comprised of Manzano brothers: Alejandro (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Fabian (guitar, vocals) and Daniel (bass, percussion, vocals), was formed in 2004 and started their career in 2007 by posting both covers and original songs on Youtube. They have come a long way since then. Not only have they dominated the internet with over 2.5 BILLION total views but they are also the current Guiness World Record holder for “Biggest Independent Band on the planet on Youtube”.

They have accumulated a total of 500 MILLION streams on Spotify with their two previous album and stand alone released. This fact might make them the biggest band on the said platform too! The said streams will just continue to increase what with the release of their new album: “Road Less Traveled“.

The band has just recently completed a sold-out UK tour in support of the album, finishing with a sold-out show at London’s Roundhouse. Prior to this, they have performed in various locations in US, Canada, India, SE Asia and Europe.

The Album Tracks
Be Somebody

The opening track starts with soft acoustic tunes then blasts off into a very lively chorus before reverting back to soft acoustic. It has a certain Country vibe to it that touches your heart and makes you feel like you’re home. The soothing and slightly husky vocals with the lively yet relaxing beat of the song ties it all together. It delivers multiple messages that are really inspiring: (1) if you want something go and get it, (2) to get that certain something, sometimes you have to change and become a new and better you and, finally, (3) never ever give up. No matter what happens, no matter how many obstacles are up ahead you should never give up even if you fail. After all, this world is full of failures and all you can do it recover and push through. “Sometimes we win/sometimes we fall“.


Cinderella” features the album title: “when life’s a mystery/then take the road less traveled“. The first notes to this song is a tad similar to the previous track. It also has that build up to it, from a mellow intro then it turns to a lively one. The difference is that, Cinderella is more toned down compared to Be Somebody. The message of the song is also worth mentioning: Be yourself. Because no one else could do it better. You may think that this is a contradiction to the message brought upon by the previous track but if you merge these two you get a quite uplifting message: “Change so that you can be the best version of yourself.”

Your Biggest Fan

The third track in the album differs from the first two tracks due to the presence of an electric guitar instead of an acoustic one. What’s surprising is that, compared to the previous songs, “Your Biggest Fan” seems to be the most toned down track. However, it does feature a set of drums towards the end that just adds the right amount of edge. This songs gives out the sweetest message so far. It’s a representation of the most important things in a relationship aside from love: support and acceptance. “The one that I can count on for anything.

Imperfect Me

The acoustic guitar is back for this one! “Imperfect Me” is the kind of track that you would listen to while on the road in the middle of a desert. It has that kind of thrilling rhythm and beat that gives you that feeling like your in a movie scene. The meaning that we get from the song is also inspiring and very uplifting, albeit common: No one is perfect, but you have to learn to live with it. Can we please have this song be included in a film’s soundtrack?

Ride a Wave

This track has a touch of reggae due to the way the ukulele and drums are played, making it a perfect song to put in your “Summer” playlist. We found ourselves tapping our toes and swaying to the beat of this track. It’s not the most stellar track in the album but it is different. There’s also the way the lyrics will make you feel: “if we should wash ashore/i’ll fight for you once more/just ride a wave/i’ll ride it in with you.” It will make you feel like there’s someone there that would support you in every step of the way, no matter how difficult the road is.


The first notes of “Family” has that ethnic tribe feel to it that is maintained all throughout the song. Similar to Imperfect Me, we can say that this track is a perfect addition to the soundtrack album of a Nicholas Spark’s novel-turned-movie. This song depicts how important it is to have someone there to support you during the hard times in life. It will just make you feel good and loved, whether the song should be taken literally and it makes you think of your actual family or even if you think of your friends/lover who makes you feel like you’re part of their family.

Queen of Hearts

The acoustics return in the seventh track of the album laced with the edgy tune that the electric guitar brings. It’s slow, soft and mellow with a twist. The lyrics are wonderful and will make you melt: “you gave me the key/to open your heart and see everything“. Even if you’re single, you will surely swoon. This song will make you feel so in love that you will feel a slight ache in your chest. It’s not harmful, though. It’s just the feels that “Queen of Hearts” will bring you.


This track starts off in a dramatic way and builds up to a climax. This is probably our favourite track in the whole album and it has something to do with the verse just before the climactic chorus: “we were meant to go down together/like a sinking ship caught in the weather” and “you and I/always forever/never thought you’d lie/and act like you never said ’til we die/hold on forever/you let me go down like an anchor“. Those aforementioned lies will hit you straight at the chest like a big yellow school bus. Anchor is definitely different compared to the previous tracks that are more toned down and mellow. As mentioned earlier, it’s dramatic and has this thrilling and booming climactic chorus that is served after an equally thrilling verse.

Given Up

The previous tracks are filled with feels that will hit you so hard, it’s difficult to recover. “Given Up” is no exception. The rhythm and beat may be slightly generic but the lyrics will certainly make you want to shed a tear or two. “You’ve given up on love/but I still feel the same“. This song is an appropriate addition to your “Heartbreak” playlist. We know you have one. Even if you’re single.

Pick Yourself Back Up Again

A feel good song for every single time you feel down. Both the lyrics and the overall beat of this track will make you feel optimistic and excited to go forth with your journey to conquer the world even though everything just went wrong. This song is best enjoyed with a cup of tea (or coffee, whichever you prefer) while staring outside the window. Do that and you will surely have a smile on your face by the time the song is over.

Lovely Mess

A beautiful acoustic opened the album so it’s only fitting for another beautiful acoustic song to top it off, like a freshly picked cherry on a sundae. “Lovely Mess” is like a soothing lullaby with a goal to lull you to a peaceful slumber in the loveliest way. The feels are still present and are as strong as ever. It’s all because of the lyrics: “all these lovely mess/I hold you up high above the rest“. Like most of the songs in the album, this delivers a message of support and love. If your heart doesn’t melt while listening to this and the other tracks in the album, we don’t know what will.

Boyce Avenue’s “Road Less Traveled” is a great album that will make you feel the “feels”. It will make you feel in love and loved. It will make you feel accepted and supported. This is a perfect record to play during R&R (rest and relaxation) day.

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And for the full list of tour dates check it out here!

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