Braless Perrie Edwards: people need to get over it

Friday night, a braless Perrie Edwards gifted us (and the rest of her 3.5 million Instagram followers) with the selfie to end all selfies.

Posing in nothing but a black mesh vest and a pout, the Little Mix starlet wowed the world with her effortless beauty and ahem assets.

As is the case whenever a woman decides to not cover herself like a nun, people in the comments were divided in their opinions on the captionless photo.

Fans took the popstar’s side, backing her decision to post the sexy image,saying,“Can the haters f*ck off? They’re just boobs and the nipples are censored. It’s not a big deal. Plus it’s Perrie’s Instagram, she can post what she wants.”

Other users were saddened by who the derogatory comments were coming from, pointing out the underlying misogyny of the reactions, “Sad to see that most of these sexist comments are coming from women. Why can’t a woman embrace her sexuality without it being related to a man? Why can’t she post a picture of her beautiful body because she’s proud of it and y’all need to act like she’s doing it to get the attention of a man?”

We couldn’t agree more. A grown women should be allowed to do whatever she likes with her own body, without facing backlash from the public. Sadly, however, others took the opposite view. One user said, “she needs to wear proper clothing,” while another stated, “supposed to be a role model to young girls? Yeah right.”

It’s true though, Perrie and the rest of Little Mix are all fantastic role models to young girls. They are talented and independent young women who preach self love. It’s the parents job to choose how to dress their children, not any popstar’s. If the children are so young then they almost certainly won’t have access to the singer’s Instagram either. People are hiding behind young children, using them as an excuse for their own misogyny.

Some comments also attempted to say the pic was an attempt to grab the attention of Zayn Malik. Needless to say they were quickly shut down.

This isn’t the first time Little Mix have faced problems on Instagram this week, just a few days ago Jade Thirlwall blocked fans on the social media platform after they tagged her in their photos.

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Written by CelebMix