Brandy Haze Unleashes New EP “That’s Unfortunate”

Soulful R&B artist Brandy Haze has just unveiled her new EP titled That’s Unfortunate. The bold seven-track release is all about Brandy’s personal “tragic love life,” complete with relatable modern romance stories of lust, lies, and avoiding intimacy. 

That’s Unfortunate opens with a cinematic interlude reminiscent of an old radio station, setting the stage for listeners to feel engaged and connected to the music to come. “California Lies” follows with an evocative vibrancy complete with synth-driven beats, a strong R&B hook and witty lyrics. The track details a former lover who is unable to take responsibility for themselves, “you just want to dump all your problems across the border.”  Brandy is able to create a narrative that is equally humorous as it is authoritative, showing her interest that she understands their oblivious behaviors and she won’t take it. 

“Waiting” is a seductive slow jam dripping with nostalgic neo-soul landscapes. The single is an unabashedly candid account of romantic yearning, reminding listeners of the euphoric feeling of falling for someone new. With smooth melodies, laid-back hip hop infused beats, and warm and penetrating bass, “Waiting” is an intoxicating tale of desire. In “No Reply,” Brandy imagines what she would say or not say to a guy she used to date who did her wrong, “I realized there was nothing left to say, so ‘No Reply’ was born.”  The track features psychedelic guitars under Haze’s confident soaring vocals, blending the best of electro pop, rock and R&B.

The majority of That’s Unfortunate was written, engineered and mixed by Brandy herself, a rarity in the music industry today.  With her latest must hear EP, the songwriter has crafted a collection of bold and vulnerable reflections on relationships. 

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast