Britney Spears’ Lifetime Movie Coming in 2017

Years of success, struggles, and a comeback have been Britney Spears’ narrative up until now. Coming in 2017, fans will get a Lifetime movie of the pop princess’ life. With the working title, “Britney”, the movie will highlight the ups and downs of Britney’s career, starting with her rise to fame.

Natasha Bassett will star as Britney. She was previously seen in “Hail, Caesar!” We are looking forward to what she will bring to the part!

Britney Spears' Lifetime Movie Set to Film 2

While Britney started out as a young girl in Louisiana, her dream was to become known in the music industry. During her journey of getting into music, she was part of the Mickey Mouse Club, where she met Justin Timberlake. While they were just friends then, their friendship would eventually lead to one of the most known and most loved pop powerhouse relationships.

The movie will also highlight her parents’ divorce which had a large effect on Britney’s life. Her quickie marriage and divorce from longtime friend, Jason Allen Alexander and ruined relationship with Kevin Federline started to show Britney’s erratic behavior.

Even with all of her ups and downs, Britney Spears has turned her life around and has shown she can come back from her past troubles. We are definitely looking forward to the release of Britney’s Lifetime movie; a wonderful way to honor the pop princess.

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Written by Elissa Rose

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