Bronnie Becomes First Ambassador for Mental Health Organization Buddy Project

Here at CelebMix, we love nothing more than celebrities using their platform to support a good cause and speaking out about issues that matter to them. We were delighted when Buddy Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health awareness, announced pop-punk artist and songwriter Bronnie as their first ever ambassador.

In our exclusive interview with Bronnie back in November, the British singer revealed she had been following the work of Buddy Project for a while. “I really admire what they do as a non-profit mental health awareness organization”, said Bronnie. One of her most recent singles, “Danced With The Devil”, tackles the difficult topic of mental health head-on. All profits from the single went to Buddy Project. “I wanted to do my little bit to help,” added Bronnie.

The song’s lyrics are hard-hitting and describe a tragic situation of a young person who passed away before getting to experience milestones such as their first kiss or graduation. Some of the more heartbreaking lyrics express thoughts the victim had before the tragedy occurred, such as “I wasn’t good enough, I thought everyone agreed.” It is definitely one of Bronnie’s deepest and most emotional songs, but one that has the potential to inspire compassion in all who listen.

The song was also inspired by some of the conversations Bronnie had with fans who suffer from mental health issues. While Bronnie dedicated the song to these fans and hoped it encouraged them to seek help, she also wanted it to resonate with those not suffering from mental health issues. She hoped “Danced With The Devil” helped these listeners “become more aware and look out for the signs with their family and friends.”

Breaking the stigma surrounding mental health is one of the main goals of Buddy Project. The organization is most well-known for their buddy pairing system, which began in April 2013. Individuals sign up online to be paired with a buddy, based on age and mutual interests. The service connects two people who carry on their conversation in private via Twitter or Instagram. While not an alternative to seeking professional help, having someone to talk to about what you’re going through can be life-changing for anyone, whether or not you are struggling with mental health issues.

The organization’s founder, Gabby Frost, created Buddy Project in hopes that building a peer support system online would help prevent suicide and self-harm. “Having just one friend to support you through the hardships of your life can really make a difference,” says Gabby on the official Buddy Project website. “I created Buddy Project to show that to the world.” As of January 17th, 2018, over 207,000 people have signed up to be paired with a buddy.

In addition to buddy pairing, Buddy Project offers many useful resources for those suffering from mental illness- including hotlines, useful websites, and an extensive list of healthy alternatives to self-harming.

Buddy Project has also launched a campaign called “Music and Mental Health”, which aims to highlight the positive effects music can have on those suffering with a mental illness. In addition to interviews with artists and individuals on the topic, the campaign features playlists of songs that talk about mental health, including Bronnie’s  “Dancing With The Devil”.

Bronnie is only the first ambassador for Buddy Project- we can’t wait to see what other celebrities step up and support this amazing organization. Be sure to check out Buddy Project’s website for more information and to find out how you can get involved. Maybe try signing up for a buddy while you’re there!

Watch the music video for Bronnie’s “Danced With The Devil” here:

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.