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BTS Unveils First Batch of Concept Photos for ‘Love Yourself: Answer’

BTS has dropped the first batch of concept photos for their upcoming album, Love Yourself: Answer. The photos come from versions “S” and “E” of the album and show the seven members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – in fantasy-like settings.

In the “S” set of photos, the members pose in front of a red backdrop and wear clothes of different colors and patterns, including floral for V and J-Hope, striped for Jimin and Suga, checkered for RM, holographic for Jin and an embellished jacket for Jungkook. The members also pose for individual portraits, which show them mid-air surrounded by various objects, such as stretched-out hands, open eyes and pointing cameras.

The photos for the “E” version are much softer, depicting the guys wearing pastels and enclosed in magical terrariums. Their group photo also gives off a mysterious vibe, as the BTS members all have their hands tied to strings on a wall.

As to what the photos mean, fans believe that BTS’ upcoming album will provide some much-need answers, hence the title of the album. It is meant to be the conclusion in the three-part Love Yourself series, which revolves around self love and acceptance. As revealed in BTS’ “Notes,” a detailing of the group’s ongoing narrative in their music, the Love Yourself series is connected to BTS’ Most Beautiful Moment in Life era. The group has been adding to the narrative through their music videos, concept photos and performances.

Most recently, the group unveiled the comeback teaser for their album, titled “Epiphany.” The video stars Jin, who has been revealed to be at the center of BTS’ storyline, singing the track about the group’s recurring theme of self-love. “Epiphany” will also serve as the intro for Love Yourself: Answer, set for an August 24th release.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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