BTS release comeback trailer for Love Yourself: Answer with “Epiphany”

After sharing “The Notes”, BTS have finally dropped the comeback trailer for their highly anticipated album “Love Yourself: Answer”. Today, the group revealed the trailer with the release of the single “Epiphany”.

While “Serendipity” and “Singularity” focused on Jimin and V’s individual narratives, “Epiphany” is a closure track that puts forth Jin’s perspective. Jin has been one of the leading characters since “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era as he was the first person to provide the climax and break the chain of epiphanic moments of boys’ lives.

In this new single, he contemplates on the power of loss and love. As he transitions from loving himself for the sake of others to loving himself as the consequence of self acceptance, he seems to have realized the power of the emotion.

The chain of thoughts has been brilliantly depicted using the motif of circular narrative in the music video. As events repeat from Jin thinking to him getting out of the room, the space becomes the point 0. His final departure from the room put an end to the cycle and gives hint for the future events that we might encounter in the album.

During “Tear”, Jin asked if he had the chance to turn back time and if could make Namjoon’s wish come true. It seems that the event that were bringing back boys in pair will eventually bring them together as the group leading to “most beautiful moment of life”. This is just one interpretation based on past notes and music videos.

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