BTS Kick Off Their European Leg of ‘Love Yourself World Tour’ With Dynamic Show At The O2

After five years of fans being in desperation to see their idols, BTS have finally kicked off their European leg of the ‘Love Yourself World Tour’ with two sold out dates at London’s O2 Arena to what can only be described as the most dedicated and mind-blowing audience you’ll come across, with even more to be said about their concert.

Upon entering the O2 arena the sheer energy and force of the audience’s dedication hits you like a tonne of bricks, and that was only them singing along to the pre-show playlist of BTS’ singles. Truly the audience’s energy is a unique experience in itself and is a spectacle to watch. Between their fan-chants and the lightshow created through the BTS official light-stick (the most desired merchandise of the tour) it was truly a sight to see and understand the pure dedication and love the ARMY have for their boys.

BTS themselves can only be described as some of the greatest performers of the current generation. Even with member Jungkook unfortunately unable to perform the dance routines due to a preshow injury, the performances continued to be sharp, crisp and in sync and BTS kept to the highest level of professionalism to ensure that the show would run as smoothly as possible. Each dance routine is high intensity with stunts included, moulding together one incredible night pushing BTS to showcase themselves at their best even with a member down.

Many assume that within KPOP there must be lip-syncing due to the performance expectations the groups must deliver, however BTS completely smashed that rumour. The stability in vocals and adding in adlibs to showcase how good of vocalists they actually are. Most notably The Truth Untold gave room for the four vocalists V, Jimin, Jungkook and Jin to disperse the assumption with perfect pitch and beautiful tone.

The rappers RM, Suga and J-Hope were on fire! The versatility of each rappers style and flow allowed room to distinguish between each of them and showed their force as a whole unit. Outro: Tear was a definite highlight of the night due to their energy and power as a trio.

The concert it such a unique experience for any KPOP fan or newcomer to the industry. The visual interludes help the flow of the concert and allow the audience to understand the narrative of the Love Yourself series that BTS have crafted over the past two years. The seven members also perform their solo songs from the series to add to the uniqueness of their Love Yourself tour. From the sultry and artistic Singularity by V to the emotional ballad Epiphany by Jin (which appeared to be a crowd favourite) the boys added their own flare and style to the tour outside of the group.

The Love Yourself tour is an explosion of love and promoting acceptance of oneself within a 2 and a half hour spectacle that have proven why BTS have reached this level of success internationally. And who knows, maybe they’ll be playing Wembley Stadium on their next tour as Suga did say it seems that The O2 wasn’t big enough for UK fans.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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