BTS producer Bang Shi Hyuk talks about band popularity, success and more

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, BTS’ producer Bang Shi Hyuk discussed band’s success and popularity.

Bang Shi Hyuk is the man behind Big Hit Entertainment, a label that manages BTS aka Bangtan Boys but he is just not any manager that governs his label.

In an industry where people call music “manufactured”, Hyuk is trying his best to let the boys explore their creativity. Be it choreography or singing, he lets the boys explore what they are good at. He has promised the band members that if they continue to work hard, he will do his best to help them establish and this conviction goes to both “the present and the future”.

When asked about the “key” to band’s success and popularity, Hyuk said,

“There isn’t really a key to their popularity. As a producer, I just created a good environment for the members to grow their musical talents with creators from different fields. The most important thing is that the members did their very best in their efforts. I guess constantly contemplating about music, having the ambition to show their best selves on stage, and communicating closely with fans can be considered the key to their success.”

He also talked about “Wings”. The MV “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is now the most watched K-Pop video worldwide. On the album’s success, Hyuk said,

“I don’t think the successful result of ‘WINGS’ was to be expected, but I don’t think the results were a matter of luck. The members have steadily taken steps and they are showing the results of their continuous growth to the public. They will continue to work hard and show improvement. I also want to thank people who have given generous interest and love.”

According to the interview, it was Rap Monster who inspired Hyuk to form BTS. How? Here is an answer,

“After seeing Rap Monster’s rap I thought about creating a hip hop group and gathered the current members. Later I thought that the group shouldn’t just be idols who do hip-hop, but rather members who can tell their own stories. This thought has consistently been reflected in BTS’s music and has not changed now either. I also wanted the group to not only compose and write lyrics but also independently participate in producing and stage management. They are steadily fulfilling this.”

BTS is gaining attention worldwide with their hit singles.

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