BTS release EDM remix for ‘Make It Right’, featuring Lauv

After concluding their stadium tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” in Seoul on 29th October with an emotional farewell, BTS have dropped a gift for their fans. Today, the septet revealed another collaborative rendition of their single “Make It Right” with Lauv and this time, it’s an EDM remix.

Sampling members’ voices for fresh melody, the EDM remix, instead of just boosting the original, gives listeners a completely new sonic experience. A perfect track for upcoming year-end parties, ‘Make It Right’ will definitely make its way through clubs and DJs’ playlists.

In our review for the mini-album “Map of the Soul: Persona”, we offered an interpretation for the original:

“At first, the song might seem to pay homage to “Miss Right” which it does but only partially. The homage is an apology and contrary to the older track which tries to “possess” the love, the new track seeks “permission”: Can I Hold Your Hand?

The track also pays homage to “Sea”, the hidden track from “Love Yourself: Her”. Sea talked about the group’s conflicting thoughts about their success. Coming from a place where they were not even offered a justifiable “screentime”, the success seems to be a mirage which can fade away. Sea as a song primarily talked about the group’s struggles from the members’ perspective. In their new song “Make It Right”, the septet uses the technique of cyclical narrative to make an apology to fans who they could not include in “Sea”. This apology is a consequence of a realization that without their fans, the sea of success will still remain a “desert”. The song seems to seek a second chance where the group, after realizing their original “rehab” and “source” of happiness, wants to now chart their journey with ARMYs.”

Earlier, the group teamed up with Lauv to release the music video for the remix, reinterpreting the tale of a ‘knight protecting their queen in shining armour’.

The music video presented the female protagonist, representing ARMY, as a hero. With hurdles depicted through pointing fingers, dragon, and public sneering, the support from fans (presented symbolically through a blanket or a cape) helps the group survive. The English lyrics were rewritten to suit the mood of the remix and to make the imagery comprehensible for the first time listener. Lauv’s effervescent vocals blend well with Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin’s and give a comforting touch to the single.

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