BTS release the music video for “Fake Love”

The D-day has finally arrived. BTS, the South Korean boy group that took the world by storm with the announcement of their new album has finally released it along with the release of the music video for “Fake Love”.

Since last few days, Big Hit had been teasing clips and images from the video. With the release of each teaser video, fans started putting together the pieces of puzzle left during the TMBML era. Today, all the theories would fall around the narrative put forth in “Fake Love”.

Narrative and its manifestation

As the title suggests, the single is about falling in “fake love” and bearing the consequences that come with the liaison. The consequences are made evident in the form of one’s deterioration as showcased by Suga. The destruction does not merely finds its place in the characters but also in their environment. Everything around the boys seem to break into pieces.

But destruction has another connotation- breaking away from the affair that does not bring with it any reciprocation or fulfilment. This interpretation is offered in the song by Jin who concludes that the reason of disillusionment lies in the “fake love”.

Music Video and the Visual Elements

We thought that nothing could surpass the level of execution manifested in “MIC DROP” but BTS proved us wrong. The manner in which elements from previously released music videos have been used to create a closely knit narrative is worth commending. Be it “Save Me” written on the platform that was used during Wings era or the fire scene that would immediately take us back to “I Need U”, each and every element in the video bears resemblance.

As for the novelty, the objects that we encountered in the teasers find their place in the music video and represent the “cause” of each character’s devastation. The masked man who led to the cliffhanger in the teaser appears in the music video too but we are yet again left to guess his role in boys’ lives.


There is a lot of movement in the music of the single. The tone is aggressive and goes well with the theme of the single. This time, Jin has got his deserved screen time and his improvement as a vocalist is clearly evident. The song has dense tonal quality and each vocalist has showcased their prowess well.

All the members take their turns in astounding the viewers and we are not even complaining. With the release of this music video, the boys have surpassed themselves. We will also take time to commend the team behind the video who did a commendable job at executing the concept.

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