BTS release the music video for “IDOL” featuring Nicki Minaj

BTS shocked the world when they released the collaborative single with none other than Nicki Minaj. Now, Big Hit Entertainment has finally granted fans what they had been yearning for. Today, the label took on YouTube to release the official MV for BTS’ hit single “IDOL”, featuring the rapper.

IDOL has already created several records including the record of being the fastest video to cross 100 million views. As reported by the Billboard,

“BTS’ “Idol” was recognized by the Google-owned streaming service as the most-viewed music video ever in a 24-hour period, with the site validating over 45 million views within that time. It surpassed the record previously set by Taylor Swift’s 2017 music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” which exceeded 43.2 million views in a day.”

The celebratory track is BTS’ claim over themselves and their identity as artists. While the single has a lot of highlights, Nicki’s collaboration with the group is definitely one of the biggest highlights of the track. Her rap has added a new flavour to the already colorful music video.


The music video also features fan created videos for the #IDOLCHALLENGE. A lot of fans and artists took part in the viral dance challenge, showcasing their support for the group. The challenge began following the video released by J-Hope on Twitter dancing to the track in Malta. His video tweet has got over a million likes and around 583K retweets.

Bringing together different cultures, BTS’ new single resonate with a lot of people for different reasons. It’s also a peaceful response to people who tried categorizing boys and their music in certain categories. Combining the choreographies from all the different singles, the song is a perfect closure to the narrative BTS began with “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

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